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Philadelphia Yacht Club was originally founded in the 1850’s and grew rapidly during the affluent age after the Civil War when the popularity of boats and yachting was a prized gentleman’s sport.

At its peak Philadelphia Yacht Club had buildings and piers on the Delaware River south of the Schuylkill River and the Navy Yard in the area west of Tinnicum Island in Essington PA. At that time gentlemen members frequently stayed at the Club for the weekends during the season to enjoy the camaraderie of the other members and to escape the stifling heat of the city. Evenings were spent playing cards and other games of choice; days were spent knocking about boats. Meals were prepared by a house staff and served by liveried servers. During its peak Philadelphia Yacht Club even had its own stop on the local railroad.

At the end of the great depression, Philadelphia Yacht Club was in financial straights and by the beginning of the US participation in WW-II the Club suspended operations due to the lack of available men to participate and financial hardship.
Philadelphia Yacht Club remained inactive until 1986. However, upon completion of the Philadelphia Marine Center at piers 12 through 24 on the Delaware River, enough interested boaters joined by those at Piers 3 and 5 assembled and reincorporated the club finally in April of 1987.

The early membership swelled to over 110 with the club meeting monthly at various locations. In 1989 PYC took its 1st new quarters located on the second floor of the Pier 3 & 5 head house and a year later moved down to first floor overlooking the boats and slips in the Pier 3 marina. Unfortunately, after several years, rising operating costs made that location untenable and PYC once again resorted to using area restaurants and clubs for its monthly meetings.

In 1998 the new facility at the corner of Front & Vine Streets was completed and remains the Club’s location today.